Giving cheerfully and sacrificially of our finances is part of our worship. Christians work should not merely be for the purpose of accumulating personal wealth or possessions, but to good stewards of God’s resources. We do this because we believe that everything they have ultimately belongs to God.

In case you were unaware, our church is 100% self funding. All our costs need to be covered by the gifts generously given by those who are members of our church community week to week. It is important for all members to regularly reflect on giving to God’s work within the local church, as it is the responsibility of the whole church to support the ongoing ministries of our church, along with our outreach and mission support. Indeed, God encourages us to see generosity not obligation, as the motivation for our giving (2 Cor 9:6-8).

Our giving is an everyday component of our relationships with God. It is part of our daily worship of God. It’s not the most important, but it’s also not irrelevant. It is something for all of us to consider prayerfully, worshipfully and sacrificially.

As we partner in this work together, each of us should aim to give deliberately (with prayer and thought); biblically (recognizing everything belongs to God); generously and sacrificially (remembering this is part of our worship of God); and regularly.

At church, you can give via various means. You can put money in the offertory bag each week, use the ‘envelope’ system to enable regular giving, make use of Sydney Anglican Diocese Scheme from your bank account or credit card or establish your own Direct Debit arrangement via the internet.

For those wishing to establish their own direct debit arrangements with their bank, below are the details of our account. Doing so enables giving to be thoughtful, regular and well planned.

Direct Debit is an option for your general offertory each week, and for any other donations. Our accounts are listed below, with the first being our regular, everyday account:

Our ‘general’ church account, for regular giving and gifts:
Name:             Frenchs Forest Anglican Church
BSB:                 032123
Account #:       407085
Description:    ‘Regular Giving’

Our ‘Building Fund’ account:
Name:             Frenchs Forest Anglican Church
BSB:                 032123
Account #:       407093
Description:    ‘Building Fund’

Our ‘Far Fund’, a tax deductible account:
Name:             Frenchs Forest Anglican Church
BSB:                 032123
Account #:       407122
Description:    ‘Your Name’

Thank you for taking the time to consider the issue of you weekly giving. And thank you for your ongoing partnership in the ministry we share at our church.

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